7 great websites to distribute repurposed content for B2B businesses

Distributing content on the right platform can help prospects reach your website. Try these seven websites to make your content reach wider audiences.


In one of our previous blogs, we talked about repurposing content, but that content can work for you when you make it visible on relevant platforms. Therein lies the importance of effective content distribution channels.

The more your audiences see your content, the better their chances are of reaching your website to learn about your products and services.

In this blog, see how you can publish content on various platforms and drive more traffic to your website.

1. YouTube –

YouTube now has over 2 billion users, and users are 4x more likely to use YouTube(1) to find information about brands. YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the internet today, making it not just a choice but a necessity. As per a study by Wyzowl(2), 91% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. So how exactly can you use it? You don’t need to get into full-fledged video production every time. Simply reuse your popular blogs, case studies, customer testimonials, and research data to create crisp and catchy videos. These videos can be tutorials, how-to videos, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs - all using the content you already have.


2. Mashable - 

This is a global multimedia channel, covering a wide range of topics, from entertainment and culture to technology and science. It publishes articles and multi-media content. Businesses can approach Mashable with proposals for guest blogs that have the potential to draw the audience’s attention and contain trending keywords. You can try submitting the best-performing blogs from your website to Mashable. However, the content must be relevant and appealing for it to get accepted.

3. LinkedIn Pulse  –

LinkedIn Pulse is where readers can catch up with trending news and industry updates, published by LinkedIn users themselves. It is a great way to increase the reach of your content, especially when you publish consistently. One way to repurpose content is to choose a lengthy blog and write a summary of it for Pulse. Or you can rewrite an existing blog and publish it. The advantage of Pulse is that it helps you get connected to professionals on LinkedIn and boosts SEO.


4. Reddit –

Reddit is a platform for user-generated content. Every piece of content can be voted upon by users, which determines its popularity and visibility. This makes Reddit an interesting platform for sharing repurposed content. Your content, if valuable enough, can gain a lot of traction and start showing up at the top. Businesses can start posting their content on niche topics so that they get responses from a specific audience only. Once you create an account, you can start posting links, images, text, or video.

5. Medium –

This is a platform for journalists, experts, and thought leaders to share their views on various topics in the form of blogs. There are over 100 million readers here, and there are tools to help you find your audience amongst them. Anyone can start writing on Medium. Pick the best of the content you already have – maybe a case study to talk about, an interesting video talking about a revolutionary solution – and convert it into a blog to share on Medium.

6. Pinterest –

With a user base of 445 million people, mostly there to seek new ideas, Pinterest is a great place to share content that inspires, which also means it is a good place for repurposed content. It works well for images as well as videos. Some of the easiest content pieces to share are infographics repurposed from blogs or videos. You can repurpose blogs and convert them to videos. These posts can be educational and attractive, which will help them gain popularity. You could cover differences and similarities, customer testimonials, useful statistics, and trends. Pinterest can be quite useful for brand building, provided you keep the content useful for audiences.

7. SlideShare –

This is the go-to platform for many when they are seeking informative content from experts. SlideShare is where your brand can showcase expertise, as 80 million professionals(3) are using SlideShare. To do so, you need not develop fresh content each time, but repurpose the valuable content already existing with you, such as – research data, case studies, best practices, procedures.


Each of these websites helps you track engagement, thus helping you gauge the kind of content audiences prefer to see. With time, you can fine-tune the content according to audience interest, which will help gain website traffic, increase awareness, and produce better returns.




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