B2B marketing automation strategies for better ROI

Try these six marketing automation strategies to derive maximum benefit from the investment by using automation tools and techniques to its full potential.


According to marketers(1), the top three reasons for implementing marketing automation are: streamlining marketing and sales efforts, improving customer engagement, and improving customer experience.. These benefits eventually lead to better revenue.


If you've invested in a marketing automation tool and want to use it to its full potential, you need to have good strategies in place.


Take a look at the marketing automation strategies you can adopt for better ROI.


6 Marketing Automation Strategies for Better ROI


6 Marketing Automation Strategies for Better ROI

  • Send relevant content with contact segmentation 

Contact segmentation is one of the most useful features of marketing automation as it lets you send useful content to a set of audiences taken from a large database. For example, from a pool of healthcare professionals, you can segment doctors, nurses, and administrative staff and send content that they will find relevant. The more you create smaller buckets of audiences with specific attributes, the better the click-through rate (CTR) and the better the ROI.

  • Send follow-up emails to ensure you are not forgotten

In their busy schedules, it is easy for prospects to forget about a sign-up, a demo request, or a webinar they registered for. Follow-up emails after every engagement help re-engage them. For example, if you send automated reminder emails for attending webinars, a confirmation after any sign-up, or a reminder for availing offers, you stay on top of their minds and help the prospect move closer to the finish line.

  • Use dynamic content to make personalized communication

There is no ‘one-content-fits-all’. When you deliver content that matches the interests, stage of the buyer's journey, and past behavior, the audience will be interested and will engage with the content. Places where you can deliver this dynamic content are emails, landing pages, and even chats. For example, if someone has downloaded a brochure, sending a personalized email along with a CTA to a landing page offering a free demo will keep them going forward in the buyer journey.

  • Use lead scoring for a high conversion rate

Why spend time engaging with those who are never going to invest in your products? When your end goal is to take only the interested prospects to the bottom of the funnel, lead scoring becomes an important step. For 45% of marketers(2), lead scoring is one of the core functions of marketing automation. The best thing to do is to give a prospect a positive value for actions that show they really want to buy (like asking for a demo) and a negative value for actions that show they aren't interested (like unsubscribing from a newsletter mailing list).

  • Perform A/B testing to identify best-performing content –

As per HubSpot(3), emails that had the first name of the recipient in the subject line had a higher click-through rate! When you do A/B testing, you learn what works and what does not. Things for which you can do A/B testing are – emails, landing pages, and CTAs. By knowing which version performs better, you can use it for future communication.

  • Track audience behavior across channels  –

Prospects interact with your content on different platforms, but to make sense of it all, you need to see it all in one place. That’s why multi-channel tracking and analysis are helpful. With multi-channel analysis, you can see how audiences are interacting with emails, social media, chats, and ads. This data will be used to improve the content and its delivery for better results and a better ROI.


When you employ a capable marketing automation tool and team it with these strategies, you are sure to see the expected results and better ROI. Find out the factors you need to consider while choosing a marketing automation tool best suited for your business.


How can Ethosh help businesses implement marketing automation in the best possible way?

Our team of marketing automation experts evaluates, implements, and tracks actions to derive maximum returns from the investment. As a dedicated Marketo team for a leading medical device company, we have vast experience in strategizing the apt utilization of marketing automation to streamline marketing efforts and hand over more and more qualified leads to sales. There is a way to make marketing automation give you the best ROI; let’s find that way for you.


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