Channels for content distribution at every stage of B2B buying funnel

To derive maximum benefit at each stage of the B2B buyer's journey, choose the right content distribution channel for your incredible content.


35% of content marketers(1) feel that difficulty in reaching the target audience is a challenge . So, let’s address this challenge by identifying the distribution channels suitable for each stage of the buyer's journey.


Generally speaking, the buyer's journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Take a look at the content distribution channels for each stage.

Channels for content distribution at every stage of B2B buying funnel

Channels of content distribution for the awareness stage 

Excite! That’s the goal of the awareness stage. These are the distribution channels appropriate for offering exciting content and grabbing the attention of the target audience.


  • Blog

In the awareness stage, the target audience searches the internet, and reads blogs and articles to further understand the challenge they are facing and its possible solutions. Blogs meet the basic need for information. For example, a lab owner could find your blogs on inventory management, SOPs, best practices, and training new trainees very useful. An added benefit is that now they know your brand as a solution provider. Check out the blogs we have published.

  • Social Media -

For social media, the best approach is to use mixed content types – product promotions, brand images, new launches, thought leadership, brand ethics, tips, infographics, webinar invites, etc. Both paid and organic posts have their own advantages. Currently, LinkedIn(2) is the most-used distribution channel for paid and organic B2B content. 
  • Search engines

    As per Pardot(3), 72% of B2B buyers use Google in the awareness stage research. When you implement an effective SEO strategy, search engines will power your content to make it reach your audience. On the first page itself, the first five organic results(4) account for 67.60% of all the clicks. Paid influencer marketing – When you have credible people talk about your business, it makes your offerings more believable. These influencers could be experts in a given technology or industry, or they could be users of your product but with a much larger fan base than any other user.


Content distribution channels for consideration stage  

Here, your product is being considered by the audience. Now is the time for nurturing and offering them something of value. Take a look at the appropriate channels.


  • Emails -

    This is a great way to send personalized content to your prospects. Sharing product brochures, information on ROI, comparisons, researched-backed data, testimonials, videos, webinar invites, and webinar recordings helps generate more curiosity, interest, and, most importantly, consideration.

  • Website pages 

    As prospects need specific information at this stage, making that information available as free downloadable content could immediately meet their needs. For example, guides, how-to videos, comparisons between technologies, and product brochures.
  • Social media 

    Social media is very versatile. All you need to do is leverage it at the right time, in coordination with other content pieces on other channels. For example, for one of our clients, we leveraged World Tuberculosis Day to launch a campaign for accurate diagnostic equipment for testing tuberculosis. Building on the awareness they already had through social media, we spoke about a specific solution and targeted specific personas.

  • Video channels

    Video is excellent for talking about product comparisons, advanced technologies used in the product, or simply helping with understanding a product. That’s what the audience needs at this stage. No wonder, 80% of video marketers(5) say that video has directly increased sales. Retargeting – 37% marketers(6) say that lead generation is an important goal of retargeting. Retargeting can be done through emails, social media ads, or paid ads on search engines. But the key here is to make the content personalized. 

Content distribution channels for the decision stage 

Not surprisingly, B2B marketers(7) say that more than half their content marketing is for the top and middle of the funnel. This means that content, as well as distribution channels, at this stage is going to be quite limited and selective. Distribution of quality and relevant content through the right channels matters! 


  • Emails 

    Did you know that email marketing(8) has shown the highest return on investment for small businesses? A free demo, a free site survey, a free process evaluation or a quality check, an asset that they can download, etc. can be shared over email to give audiences that one last reason to believe in your product or service. Retargeting – 57% of marketers(9) say that driving sales is the primary goal of retargeting. Through retargeted ads and posts, you can offer special discounts, offers, warranty plans, exclusive service offers, etc., as this will give the prospect a final nudge towards making the decision.


  • Landing Pages 

    Landing pages are essential in solving the audience’s initial queries and for increasing conversion rates. Free downloadable content such as eBooks, templates, and other assets can be offered for higher conversion. A well-developed landing page makes the audience believe in the benefits (of the product/service) stated on the page, makes them ready to fill up the contact form, and go further in the buyer's journey. This is one of the landing pages that we have created for our HubSpot Services.

While distribution channels are an essential means of delivering content, the content itself has to be relevant to stay in the minds of audiences for a long time, long enough to sustain the entire B2B buyer journey. Take a step back and read all about content marketing as a whole, and also about what content types are suitable for each stage of the buyer journey.


How does Ethosh help businesses like yours with a winning content marketing strategy?

Through successful content marketing strategies, Ethosh helps brands deliver a memorable experience to B2B customers. Our content marketing services include content evaluation, development, and distribution strategies, as well as performance tracking so that you meet your top-of-funnel awareness, middle-of-funnel engagement, and bottom-of-funnel conversion goals. 


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