How video content production is pushing sales and marketing upwards

Demand for video marketing is expected to grow as corporations start recognizing the benefits, especially in the sales enablement of the company.  

A major discussion surrounding sales enablement is that organizations need to be definite that they provide their customers with the opportunity to interact and engage with the products and services. This not only allows them to experience the product first hand but allows them to see the products from a different perspective. Hence organizations will need every bit of training and resources such as technology and use it to their advantage to convert prospects into consumers. And it is proven that the advancement in technology is responsible for the empowerment of the sales force within organizations.  

Earlier, we have spoken about how has mobile, web, and immersive technologies played a significant role in giving the sales force a boost. But it is crucial that we also speak about the significance that video content production/video marketing brings to the world of sales and marketing.  

Consumers expect video media to ease their decision-making process and learn about essential features as they navigate through products and services. The demand for video marketing is expected to grow as corporations recognize the benefits of the same.


Through this blog, we shall explore answers to the following questions: - 

  1. What are the types of video content production?  
  2. How can video marketing reap benefits for businesses? 
  3. How can a company incorporate video marketing into its sales process? 
  4. How can video content truly boost sales? 
  5. How can Ethosh aid sales enablement? 

What are the types of video content production?  

Any video consists of three aspects, i.e., the audio and visual elements, the aesthetics, and the storyline that makes the consumer understand what the organization is trying to convey. The type of video content production changes depending on the purpose and its usage in the sales-marketing funnel. The most popular video types made by marketers in 2021 include explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48% ), and sales videos and video ads (42% each). Below are a few kinds of video content that are considered engaging and beneficial; 


  1. Introduction video – An introduction video can give potential customers a peek into who you are as a brand and what products and services you offer. It is perfect to create a good first impression. 
  2. Vlog- It is nothing but a video blog, with video being the prime medium of communication. Vlogs are capable of conveying the message in a much more entertaining and contextual way than blogs. 
  3. Educational video -  A lot of your target audience is out there searching for new info during the initial phase of the buying process- that's where educational videos come in. Such videos offer real value to the audience giving out needed information.  
  4. Testimonial video - Authencity and credibility are the core values of testimonial videos. Apart from building trust, these videos are capable of influencing decision-making. Testimonial videos can do so by showcasing the features of the product directly in the words of existing customers.  
  5. Webinar- It is typically a platform to engage and interact with customers through a virtual conference. Webinars are mostly informative and educational.  
  6. FAQ - A video of a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject is often appealing to the audience. FAQ helps to resolve queries and dilemmas in decision-making.  
  7. Product video – This basically is a product review video and is a staple in the corporate world. Product videos are effective as they help showcase how the product/service really works in practice. They are capable of convincing the viewers will giving out the benefits seamlessly.  
  8. Behind the scenes – Showing the reality of what makes the company so always strikes an emotional chord among the customers. Behind the scenes videos can include employee interviews, team-building activities, birthday parties, bloopers, and everything in between. It possesses the potential to develop a good personal relationship and build trust with the customer.  


How can video marketing reap benefits for businesses?  

Video content production or video marketing is the most underrated way of getting to a consumer. Creating videos is not just a trend but an effective medium for the sales and marketing team to reach out to prospective customers. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that videos belong at every stage of the buyer's journey. The more places you utilize a great video in the funnel, the easier it is for the buyers to move towards purchase. Video marketing is vital to a sales and marketing team as it provides the following benefits: - 

  1. A report by Cisco (2) suggests that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.  
  2. Increases retention rate to your website as HubSpot{3} mentions 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.
  3. Zoom/Chorus report(4) stated in 2019 deals that are closed/won used video 18.5% more than deals that are closed/lost. 
  4. Placing a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80% (According to WordStream)(5)

  5. Nearly 90% of sales professionals report the importance of accessing video viewing data to qualify leads, engage prospects, or influence deals. (Vidyard, 2021) (6)
  6. Salesloft{7} reported that the teams using video enjoy a 16% bump in open rates and a remarkable 26% increase in replies.
  7. According to WordStream(5), Marketers who use video as a marketing strategy grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. And who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.
  8. As per Entrepreneur magazine(8), visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video, and organic traffic from search engines increases by 157% with video. h
  9. As per Insivia(9) 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the buying decision process.
  10. Videos can be showcased on any device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, television and can be presented in any way the corporation deems fit such as AR/VR, virtual events, gamified, etc. 

How can a company incorporate video marketing into its sales process? 

To answer this point further, let us see through the story of Eric Stevens, a marketing director of PharmaLabs Incorporation who wants some sales enablement tool for his team.  

Eric returned home one day from work extremely tired and disappointed because of the low sales performance in the company. He wanted to relax, so he logged on to IMBD to check what movies or tv series were trending. Eric came across a show- The Good Doctor, which is based on an autistic doctor named Shaun Murphy. The doctor has savant syndrome, i.e., he has an extreme level of expertise in some cases. In this case, he can visualize and diagnose patient problems without the help of any medical equipment.   

In the pilot episode, Dr. Shaun visualized an 8-year-old kid's entire anatomic structure after shards of glass struck him. This visualization allowed him to diagnose the kid and identify problems and the correct procedure to create a homemade one-way valve that stabilized the kid.  

Eric was fascinated by the show's concept and started bingeing a few more episodes. His curiosity started to make him realize whether it is possible to have a tool that will allow his sales executives to sell the products so that the prospecting customers can visualize the product and understand its benefits. 

So, the next day, Eric decided to search for a 3D product visualization video and came across a YouTube advertisement from Ethosh Digital. The YouTube advertisement ticked all the boxes he was looking for and decided to get in touch with the executives from Ethosh Digital.  

Following are the ways a company can include video marketing in the sales process;  



  1. After looking at the YouTube advertisement, Eric noticed Ethosh's website link, which led him to an introduction video that explained how they have helped transform medical education with interactive videos and assist medical practitioners over time.  
  2. Eric scouted a little more on the website. He noticed a vlog on the importance of video content production and a product explainer video, which gave him a detailed understanding of the product. The vlog also included testimonial videos from specialty hospitals that have given their take on how these interactive modules have helped engage and train students in their class. 
  3. The vlog took him to an interactive learning video of a heart bypass surgery procedure where he could experience and learn about the surgery firsthand. 

Customer Engagement

  1. Eric was impressed by the work done by Ethosh Digital and decided to get in touch with the sales executive from Ethosh Digital. The sales executive sent the prospect a link to a World Health Organization webinar where the chief of Ethosh was giving his take on transforming medical education through digitalization. He discussed how can interactive content play a crucial role in shaping future medical practitioners 
  2. The sales representative also sent a link to a FAQ video that answered common queries regarding the product/service. 
  3. The sales representative sent Eric a presentation on a case study video that showcased how video production helped a hospital educate patients and future practitioners. The case study included analysis, results and challenges, and the customer testimonial. 


  1. On the day of the delivery, Ethosh provided Eric and his team with an onboarding video that helped in the orientation of sales executives.
  2. Eric came across a video from the CEO of Ethosh Digital on LinkedIn. The video gave a full behind-the-scenes tour of the company and ended with the chief thanking all the customers for taking their time out and giving their business. In return, Ethosh Digital gained tremendous trust from Eric. This makes Ethosh Digital a different experience for its employees and its customers.

How can video content truly boost sales? 

  • Communicating innovation in the customer's voice – A diagnostics company was finding it difficult to explain challenges and investment opportunities to the leadership team. As not all stakeholders were doctors or medical professionals, there was a need for explanatory videos. Ethosh created video aids to explain disease and treatment options, as well as animated infographics that present compelling facts on the innovation's impact on the medical field.

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  • Create awareness and build confidence – The client offers a broad range of services that help improve lab performance and meet vital business imperatives. They wanted to create a marketing campaign focused on highlighting the various services and how they solved real-world challenges for customers. Ethosh made several videos describing real customer challenges and how the various services offered generated positive outcomes for labs.
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How can Ethosh aid in sales enablement? 

Ethosh offers a wide gamut of sales and marketing solutions and content productions services. We have collaborated with top brands across the globe and helped them achieve their desired goals by empowering their sales with high-quality video content.  


At Ethosh, we understand that every brand has a unique offering and needs a unique storytelling voice. We create customized, personalized videos for your brand that help you connect with your consumers and engage them, making them excited to know more.  


With Ethosh's long-term standing in the market and distinguished knowledge of sales and marketing, the sales enablement solutions are not only well researched but also result-oriented.  


Ethosh handles every step of the video-making process with precision, saving you all the hassles of video production. From ideation to conceptualization, to scripting & storyboarding, composition, animation & effects, to final edits, and asset development, Ethosh can creatively handle all the processes smoothly.  


Ebook Download 


If sales enablement via video marketing is something that holds your interest, then download this e-Book on Video Content Production that will take you over the tricks of the trade.   


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