Why LinkedIn is the most preferred B2B social media platform

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B marketing. Here are 5 reasons for you to build a strong business profile on LinkedIn or strengthen one if you already have one.


If there is a place for B2B marketing, it is on LinkedIn. With a steady rise in audience reach over the years and the tag of the ‘world’s largest professional network’ and rated as the #1 platform for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is where businesses are connecting, conversing, and creating a conducive environment for enabling sales for themselves. 

Here are the top 5 reasons LinkedIn is the most preferred social media platform (and why your business must tap into it)

1. The largest professional networking site for you to explore - 

LinkedIn is used by over 875 million professionals in over 200 countries to build professional networks and make better business decisions. As compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is more serious in the sense that users visit the platform to learn, discover, connect, build professional networks, and sometimes even to purchase. If your business is not active on LinkedIn, there is a huge untapped market for you that you are missing out on.

2. The place to build brand awareness and thought leadership - 

LinkedIn(1) offers the perfect platform for businesses to create brand awareness, as there are 59 million companies on it across various industries . Building an effective profile is what will make your business stand out. From filling out basic details (overview, contact, industry type, headquarters, etc.) to strategically mentioning your specialties, this will help your audiences get to know you better. Further, with multiple ad formats (video, image, carousel, message, etc.), businesses have ample scope to reach their audiences in the most relevant way. LinkedIn is also acknowledged as the ideal platform for establishing thought leadership and showcasing expertise. If you have years of experience and innumerable lessons to share, this is the place.

3. The place for generating most genuine leads - 

40% of B2B marketers(2) have found LinkedIn to be the most effective platform for lead generation. Being a platform for professional interactions, audiences are often looking for insights and solutions to the challenges they are facing, or the latest technology and news from their industry, or may be looking to connect with businesses they can partner with. Thus, it makes the perfect ground for generating quality leads. Furthermore, with LinkedIn ad exposure, brands saw a 33% increase in purchase intent(4) and overall 2x higher conversion rates. 

4. The most logical platform for product promotions –

While Facebook and Instagram may be great choices for B2C, LinkedIn is the appropriate choice for talking about products and services to your B2B customers. Did you know, as per a Gartner report(4), B2B buyers spend only 17% of their total purchase journey with sales reps, and 44% of millennials prefer no interaction with sales reps in the B2B setting? This means if sales reps are not the source of first-hand information, something else must be. LinkedIn is an effective medium to communicate about your products, intermingled with the proof of your abilities and expertise.

5. The most logical platform for product promotions –

LinkedIn(5) offers ample opportunities for you to drive traffic to your website's product or service pages or blogs. It is the most popular organic and paid platform for B2B content marketers to distribute content. . By simply posting weekly, businesses(6) can see a 2x lift in engagement. Due to the nature of the platform, every piece of content that you create for LinkedIn speaks of credibility and has great potential to drive audiences to your website. LinkedIn articles, posts, ads, and messages can carry links to the desired page.

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Businesses that use LinkedIn and post curated content see an increase in engagement, awareness, lead generation, and conversion. It is time to develop a well-thought-out strategy for B2B marketing LinkedIn.



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