5 Common B2B digital marketing objectives, with best practices

A clear and reasonable B2B marketing objective takes you directly onto the path to success. Read what those objectives can be and how you can set them.


61% of B2B decision-makers(1) first do a web search before making any decision.


That makes brand awareness an important goal of digital marketing. But every company may have a different goal set for itself. For one company, it could start with building awareness, while for another, it could be generating qualified leads.


As a marketer or senior marketing manager or even a CEO who is pushing forward your company’s digital presence while also seeking an agency to execute it for you, you can read through this blog to understand what the common objectives you can set and how to set them best. That is the first step before you come up with any digital strategy.


Take a look at the top objectives that digital marketing leaders set for their companies in 2021.


Image reference: Marketing insider group

Common B2B marketing objectives for you to focus on 


  • Building brand awareness 

    This is the goal set by 35% of digital marketing(2) leaders for 2021. Brand awareness is about giving a recognizable image of your brand to your audience. Those who are just starting their business or have been around for a while but do not have a digital presence, would focus on this goal.

  • Building brand reputation

    Companies that have achieved some level of brand awareness can focus on developing brand reputation for being recognized as a reliable solution provider or partner. There are various ways of achieving this, such as through your website, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

  • Getting quality leads 

    This goal was set for 2021 by 40% of digital marketing(3) leaders. Digital marketing allows you to gain good quality leads, that is, people who are genuinely interested. Through a gradual movement along the buyer's journey (from awareness to decision), the audience base gets filtered, and you are left with people who will seriously consider your product.

  • Increasing engagement with the target audience 

    Digital marketing has a huge scope for engagement with the target audience because it doesn’t take much of people’s time or physical movement, as opposed to traditional marketing. Consistent engagement helps keep the brand's stay on top of the audience’s mind. The best part is that this engagement can be tracked using analytics and can be optimized to get better results.

  • Reducing the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

    Reducing CAC is another common objective, as digital marketing lets you target specific audiences and understand which content type works, and which do not. Effectively, it means that you get to focus all your marketing efforts on those with a higher chance of conversion and avoid wasting resources on others.


Your objectives could be one or more of the objectives listed above, or they could be something else, such as increasing conversion rate.


Here are a few best practices you can use to help you figure out what your B2B marketing goals are.


3 Must-follow best practices for setting up B2B marketing objectives 

Once you have decided to go for digital marketing for whatever business reason, here are three best practices to refer to while setting up the objectives.

  • Clearly define your need for digital marketing

    Understanding and defining the needs will help set up clear objectives and prioritize them. This also makes the objectives more achievable.

  • Align digital marketing objectives with business goals

    For the best utilization of resources and time, digital marketing efforts should be in line with company goals. For example, if the goal of the business is to make more sales, the digital marketing goals should be set in a way that makes conversions and sales easier.

  • Choose long-term over short-term –

    It is always better to choose long-term, consistent engagement with audiences for sustainable growth rather than look at short-term profits. When audiences see consistent and responsible messaging, the brand stays on top of their minds. This is especially important for B2B, wherein the buyer's journey is longer than in B2C.


In all this, the message that needs the most emphasis is that a clear objective will not only help develop a good digital marketing strategy but will also help you easily track the success of marketing efforts.


How does Ethosh helps companies drive their digital marketing objectives to success?

At Ethosh, we have domain and digital marketing experts who strategize, plan, and implement digital marketing campaigns to help you achieve your objectives.


We do so in partnership and collaboration with the company, rather than in a silo. With our 360-degree approach, you can deliver memorable digital experiences to your customers and meet your goals.



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