Checklist for choosing the right digital marketing agency

Thinking about outsourcing digital marketing? Here is a checklist for choosing the right agency that ensures the success of your digital marketing campaigns.


Your choice of digital marketing agency can be a determining factor in achieving your digital marketing objectives. The right agency can be your partner in achieving your goal, getting good ROI and driving success, while the wrong one can simply drain your resources.


Outsourcing is a great option when you know that your organization does not have enough resources to take care of the marketing activities.


According to Content Marketing Institute’s report(1), 50% of content marketers from different organizations say that they outsource content marketing activities. Even then, 65% of the B2B marketers(2) say that finding a partner with adequate topical experience is a challenge. Other challenges include finding agencies that can empathize with the audience, or budgetary issues or ROI.


That’s why, we have brought you a checklist to identify the right digital marketing agency.


5-point checklist for choosing the right digital marketing agency

  • Domain expertise

    That’s one of the most important things to consider. The agency must have enough experience in handling clients from the same domain as yours. One way to find out that is from the list of clients on their website and case studies.

  • Specialization

    Digital marketing involves a bunch of activities including SEO, paid advertising, social media, content marketing etc. To get a complete picture, read our e-book on 7 Foundational Elements of Digital Marketing. The best results are seen when you select an agency that specializes in services that help you meet your marketing goals.

Digital marketing for manufacturing giant

  • Technology Partner –

    Digital marketing requires the use of several tools, be it for content creation, marketing automation or for running ad campaigns. Thus, an agency must have experience with leading marketing automation tools such as Marketo and HubSpot, which offer a host of services. Additionally, if the agency is also a trusted implementation partner of these tools (like Ethosh is a valued partner of HubSpot and Marketo), it turns out to be more beneficial.

  • Content Expertise –

    As per Content Marketing(3) Institute’s report, 50% respondents from various organizations (small, medium and large-sized) say that they outsource content marketing. It makes sense, as writing compelling content and making powerful designs are skills that come with experience. When looking for an agency, it would be best to select one that provides content creation services, and has a full-fledged team of content writers, designers and subject-matter experts.

Digital Marketing for Medical Device Company

  • Pricing –

    This is also one of the crucial points for decision-making. Choosing an agency that fits in your budget will help you get the most from your marketing budget. As per Gartner survey(4), marketing spend is now 9.5% of company revenue, half of which is allocated to digital marketing. Other than all the necessary spending related to campaigns, tool subscriptions etc., agency fee will also have to be considered in the budget. That’s why, an agency that delivers specialized services and integrated solutions at a cost advantage should be the one to go for.


You can begin your search for the right agency by looking through our case studies of winning campaigns for various clients.

How does Ethosh help businesses experience digital revolution?

Ethosh has helped many start-ups and Fortune 100 brands experience digital revolution. At the base of it lies clear planning and apt choices. Our digital marketing minds, with their industry experience and right technological support, can come up with a 360-degree digital marketing solution tailored to meet your needs. Partner with Ethosh for creating a program that will build customer confidence and trust at every stage of the buyer journey and quickly turn new customers into brand advocates.


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