Leveraging digital in lab equipment marketing

Digital transformation is the way to survive the competitive grind in the lab equipment industry while establishing a personalized and seamless experience.

Digital is the flavor of the day. However, the Lab Equipment sector is not exactly FMCG, and you might think you don't need to worry about the 'flavor' of your marketing. Do you share that impression, too? 

However, if flavor means a memorable and effective experience every time it matters most to your customer, you will not want to hold back on the digital spices.

Here, the blog elaborates how digitization influences lab equipment marketing through the following use cases  

Enabling new product launches 

Today, the new product launch does not necessarily have to be physical.  The implementation of the launch can be combination of in person and digital activities. The event can very much be planned and executed to give out one of a kind experience to the potential customers.  

A major player in diagnostic lab equipment had lined up a series of demo events and conferences to mark the launch of their new product. Then the virus came and wiped it all out. Waiting the crisis out was not an option.

Our digital suite of solutions for a campaign spread over four months did not compromise on creating market buzz and customer reach. A teaser campaign of targeted emailers created awareness about the new product and how it addressed a much-felt market need. All potential leads were directed to a custom-designed product microsite where they could have virtual interactions with the instrument, watch 3D video animations, and learn more about the innovative technology. 

The launch was virtual, but its success was real. The digital solutions added a distinct flavor to the victory. Read on to get more information on the role played by Ethosh in acing the new product launch.


Tailoring your messaging to customer personas 

Not everyone with a stake in the lab's operation wears a lab coat. Whether it's the researcher running the instruments, the lab manager concerned about efficiency, the procurement manager worried about financing the instrument purchase, or the technician interested in ensuring the devices are always up and running - these are different user personas with different needs and motivations! 

As the lab equipment manufacturer, you provide a bouquet of services, and there is something for everyone. How do you then get the right stakeholders to explore the services that are most relevant to them? 

We at Ethosh developed an interactive kiosk at a global conference for the client to showcase their suite of value-added services. The booth visitors were invited to explore a 3D virtual lab and choose a user persona most relevant to them. They could then explore the range of solutions that addressed their specific motivations and needs 

Explore how Ethosh created a digital transformation strategy that was well-targeted, interactive, and engaging - with minimum wastage and maximum impact.  


Addressing the needs of specific markets 

Sometimes, the problem with being a global giant with a whole array of instruments and solutions is creating local market relevance. How do you connect with local customers who may have specific needs? How do you give them targeted information about relevant products? How do you create a seamless experience across the awareness-to-purchase continuum? 

The answer was a year-long campaign tailored to create awareness about solutions for workflows relevant in the specific market. Targeted messaging, digital creatives, videos, and dedicated, localized web pages ensured visitors got quick answers. They could easily access specific information without having to navigate or search the global website. Additionally, a custom VR app featuring locally-relevant products and solutions provided customers with a one-stop experience to understand the client's offerings for that market.

Read about how Ethosh delivered an outcome that is more personalized and curated experience for local customers, resulting in increased lead generation in that market. 

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Thinking about your customers' customers 

As the maker of a range of diagnostic solutions that help with the early assessment of women’s health issues, how do you support the labs that use your instruments? Simple! Take a leap ahead and address the lab's customers. 

The solution was a campaign to create broader awareness about women's health issues and diagnostic solutions that help with early detection. Emailers, landing pages, and other social media content talked about the problems and the importance of early, accurate diagnosis. While the messages used interesting infographics to drive home the health message, the campaign also helped to increase awareness about the brand and the critical role of diagnostic labs in ensuring good health. 

This digital transformation strategy designed by Ethosh dramatically changed the perception - that diagnostic labs are not after your blood but concerned about your health!  

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Anticipating customers' questions

It was breakthrough product that simplified research and increased lab efficiency. However, like every innovative product, it had to overcome initial market skepticism. How exactly does the technology work? Is it worth the investment? These are just some of the questions potential customers can have.

The answer was provided by a comprehensive digital experience of the instrument. A web-based, interactive 3D simulation of the product complete with hotspots and 3D video animations allowed visitors to explore the instrument and be convinced about its technology and value propositions. Additionally, using VR and AR experiences, customers could travel virtually "inside" the instrument to understand the breakthrough technology and it's benefits at close quarters.

Every customer is entitled to try a product before buying it. Especially when you are talking about complex lab instruments. When designed right, the communication can enhance interest and immersive experiences can make it easier for the customer to commit to a purchase.

Get more information about how virtual product experience can boost product awareness and generate qualified leads.  

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Enabling virtual product demos

The product was in Europe. But the client wanted potential customers in all major global markets to experience the product first-hand to facilitate a purchase decision. However, shipping the product for physical demos was a logistical challenge. So, how do you solve this?

The client equipped its Field Sales teams in all important markets with VR and AR equipment pre-loaded with immersive and interactive experiences of the product. With the VR experience, potential customers could have like-real demos of the product, experience the innovative technology, and understand its value propositions in unprecedented detail. Through the interactive AR app, they could virtually place the instrument in their own lab to figure out the optimal lab layout that streamlines their workflows.

It was a win-win solution for the client as well as their customers - with a consistent, engaging and informative experience of the product giving customers the confidence to make a purchase decision.

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Ethosh- trusted partner for personalized digital transformation

Technological advances are transforming how companies engage with customers! We at Ethosh, help build digital solutions for companies from life science, clinical & diagnostic domains. Our team of industry experts understands the science and contributes to build customer experiences to drive business improvements. 

Ethosh blends the real and the virtual to communicate challenging concepts. From life sciences to the products of modern manufacturing. From strategy to execution. We use the latest digital tools and platforms to improve communication and make it effective and efficient. 

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