Influence of 2D and 3D videos on the manufacturing industry

Video content is a necessity of the hour for the manufacturing industry as it is an effective, interactive, and influential medium to boost brand awareness and promote products.

With rapid technological advancement and digitization, the world is moving faster. Industries, too, are attempting to catch up and be heard. And, regardless of your industry, video marketing can allow you to reach the greatest number of people and be heard. When done well, video marketing can spread a brand's message on a large scale.

In 2022, 92% of marketers(1) consider videos to increase user understanding. This makes it an apt tool, especially for the manufacturing industry, to create brand awareness by showing the groundwork reality and behind the scenes.

Videos possess the ability to take viewers through the production process, show real machinery in action, and listen to the people who put their skills, hard work, and passion into their work. Such videos always strike the right nerves with the consumers and can humanize the brand.

Video marketing benefits

An influential medium like video allows manufacturers to provide visitors with a customized and engaging visual experience. By opting for video marketing, manufacturing companies can get an edge over their competitors and boost interaction with their target audiences.


The manufacturing industry frequently faces the challenge of demonstrating the functionality of their cutting tools or explaining a complex process that requires a higher understanding. And with a valuable and interactive visual component of the video, one can easily address this issue. The visuals not only simplify the message but also help to grasp it better.


Suitable video content can convey your brand's personality in a variety of interesting ways that cannot be done by any other form of content/medium. Implementing a video strategy to attract, engage, convert, and delight your customers can be one of the most effective manufacturing marketing initiatives.


The following are the advantages of video content in a B2B scenario: 

  • Helps to communicate the manufacturing complexities with ease
  • Aids to humanize the brand
  • Encourages brand awareness
  • Cost-effective and interactive medium
  • Enhances personal experience
  • Portrays products and services in a better way
  • Improves sales
  • 3D videos help to convey the message and visual representation in a much more precise and detailed way


5 Types of Video Content for Manufacturing Companies

1. Facility tour video - 

Viewers can see the size, condition, unique equipment, and services available at the factory through facility video tours. Manufacturers can use a drone to film portions of your tour, which can provide a bird's-eye view of the company's operations. They can also make a time-lapse video of a typical day at the facility to show how it works.


2. Demo video - 

Manufacturers can use video product demonstrations to illustrate a product's features, quality, benefits, and usage. Because buyers prefer to have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing, product or service demonstration video content can be a remarkably effective tool for manufacturers to raise awareness.


3. Brand video - 

A brand video or an ‘about us’ should be the very first video any manufacturing company must produce. As such videos are used to depict brand personality, brand mission, or company history. They can help your company raise brand awareness and leave a strong impression on potential customers or clients.

For this example, we will use a lab technology firm that wanted to construct a marketing campaign to illustrate the breadth of their offerings and the problems they helped their clients tackle. Read this case study to see how one company raised awareness of its many services by producing short videos with a storytelling approach.Create awareness and build confidence-png-1 (1)


4. Testimonial video

As a manufacturer, if you want people to trust your work and brand, start creating video testimonials. These videos not only give your brand a human face but also demonstrate how enthusiastic your current customers or clients are. The testimonial videos can be included on the company's website or in marketing campaigns.


5. Explainer video

Explainer videos are ideal for helping customers understand the complexities of the manufacturing process and the expertise that goes into it. These videos can be animated, interactive 3D, or 360°. Manufacturers can also hire engineers to explain the technical process. These videos can then be displayed on your website and in sales presentations.


To attract and engage its target audience, an electric power supply manufacturer, for instance, had trouble conveying its highly technical, performance-based value proposition in a way that was simple yet effective. This case study will show you how one company used video content marketing to spread the word among its ideal customers.


Video based content marketing-png (1)


Use of videos by B2B Manufacturers


A whopping 81% of manufacturing marketers(2) surveyed said they’re already using manufacturing video content in their marketing strategy.


Manufacturers can use video to elevate their offerings beyond excel sheets and price quotes by showing how they do what they do. B2B manufacturers are becoming more aware of the benefits of video content and are actively using it for sales presentations, exhibitions, training, product demonstrations, and linking to websites. B2B manufacturing videos are increasingly incorporating on-site engineers and technical teams to explain their products and services on camera.


These videos are typically shot with machinery or a manufacturing process in the background and the technician explaining the value propositions. These types of videos appear far more realistic and build trust among end users. They can be used in sales presentations or displayed at trade shows. The sales team can use video as a resource to learn more about the products and how they work, as well as the questions and answers they can expect to hear.


Videos that show how machines work and how a product line is made are excellent training tools because they visually present and explain the details.


Ethosh, a trusted partner in making manufacturing videos

Video has dominated online marketing, particularly social marketing, and has become an indispensable tool for captivating audiences, educating customers, generating sales, and supporting products. We provide complete video production solutions from script to screen, including animated and live-action videos, virtual and augmented reality videos, 360-degree videos, and much more.


At Ethosh, we understand that each brand has a distinct offering that necessitates a distinct storytelling voice. We create customized, personalized videos for your brand that not only help you connect with your customers, but also engage them and pique their interest in learning more. Every brand requires a strong partner capable of delivering high-quality video content on a large scale.


Ethosh provides a wide range of content production services, including 3D videos, 2D videos, VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) platforms, among others. We have worked with top brands all over the world to help them achieve their objectives by providing them with high-quality video content. Ethosh takes care of every step of the video-making process, from initial concept to final edits, saving you the hassles of video production.


We deliver smart, creative, digital, interactive, and immersive content- reliably and at scale- whether you want top-of-funnel awareness, middle-of-funnel engagement and education, or bottom-of-funnel conversions.



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